Who we are

Claudia Hess, ~300 dives, PADI AOWD

Claudia HessHello, I am Claudia and responsible for our “scuba addiction”. It started with a kind of curiosity and soon turned into enthusiasm for this  “other world”. It is absolutely amazing what you can find just 3-5 meters under the surface and what is usually hidden to normal swimmers.

Yes, scuba diving was from the beginning not a domain of men, only – even in cold water – and dry suite diving becomes more and more popular also for women  – unbelievable?

I most like the so called “critters”, small and tiny animals which forms and colors seem to be infinite. And this is not only the case in warm seas but also in local lakes. From freshwater mussels and – sponges up to cancers and lobsters you can discover a lot.

“It is awesome what you can discover just a few meters below the surface and what a normal swimmer will never see.”
Claudia Hess

Scuba diving enables an intense view to this completely other world – the world below the surface. The reason for that is not only the higher depth where you usually are operating but more importantly the extended time which you can spent at a depth of more then zero.

I think Martin and I are quite complement it that regard: While Martin mostly watches to the bigger fishes I often find the wonderful small and tiny things.


Martin Hess, ~ 450 dives, CMAS-VDST ***

Martin Hess
Martin Hess – testing new UW rig.

Hello, my name is Martin. After Claudia infected me with the scuba diving virus I think I am even more ill and “suffering” more than she, now.
But honestly – somehow scuba diving is a balance / compensation for the normal everyday life. There is almost something ruminant or even religious in it.

Leaving the things behind, floating, the focus for important and essential things and the fact that stress and nervousness is always the wrong reaction to any situation – even can become dangerous – these are the things which I bring to the surface after a dive. Things which bring value to my life. Additionally I am highly interested in the maritime flora and fauna and physics.

“Scuba Diving is a ruminant activity, something religious”
Martin Hess

At the beginning I loved deep dives. The deeper and longer the better. Why? It is the silence and the knowledge that you are at the boundary of human existence because of the physics; you are absolutely dependent on your self-control and technical equipment. There seems to be a strange combination of adrenalin and inner silence – amazing!

“Scuba Diving is a strange combination of adrenalin and  tranquility”
Martin Hess

After 7 years I still love deep dives at drop offs but my focus turned more and more to video production and underwater filming – because I want to bring my impressions to the surface and share it.

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