France – French Riviera / Côte d’Azur

Not only an extraordinary place to spend your vacation but also an area which offers really great diving sites: the French Riviera.

Trailer of our upcomming #scubazur video series:

where we’ve been visiting famous wrecks like

the Rubis – submarine near Cap Camerat @124 ft depth:

submarine near the Cap Camerat at the French riviera
submarine near the Cap Camerat at the French Riviera

the Relax

The first Video of our #scubazur tour is about a wreck which is located directely in front of the graveyard of St. Tropex: A relaxed dive at the wreck of “Le Relax”.

the Tell

French: “Le Tell”. This cargo ship sunk on the October, 25th 1913 next to the Cap Camerat, near the city of St. Tropez. Directely in front of the Cap Camerat. Almost 102 years ago! Today you’ve to look carefully …..

the Rubis

The wreck of “Le Rubis”, a very unique diving experience at the French Riviera – if not in the whole mediterranean sea…

the Prophète

This wreck is a real landmark at the French Riviera especially for underwater photographers “Le Prophète”. Its big boilers and the huge flying wheel are well known. Beside that and because of its age it is a challenge to see the rest of the ship – and exactly that makes this spot so interesting.

the Togo

The next wreck is in the bay of Cavalaire. It is a real ‘low point’ – but only because it is really deep (about 187 feet). The dive itself is a real ‘highlight’ although it is quite dark down there …

the Donator

… also known as “Prosper Schiaffino”. A real jewel for wreck divers. At a depth of 160 ft it sits on the ground between the islands of Porquerolles and Port-Cros.
“Le Donator” seems to be one of the most beautiful wrecks in this area …

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