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Lake ConstanceLake Constance

Lake Constance is our “house reef”. Compared to other lakes it has a very special character. Relatively good visibility, deep, dark, cold – all these attributes apply. You’ll find drop offs – especially in the area around Überlingen / Wallhausen.


PlanseeAustria / Tirol

Ever wanted to know how scuba diving in a mountain lake looks like? Here you are – in short – it is quite “clear” and “and varied”. In summer when you have less rain the visibility is impressive. In winter seasons you have the possibility to explore the fascination of ice diving  (one of our next projects).



This Country is completely different compared to what we thought before we’ve been there. At least the southern part: warm, almost no current, you will not find high waves and it is colorful underwater. There are also very interesting wrecks which some of them have been explored just in the recent past.


HemmoorHemmoor / Kreidesee

In the area around the City of Hamburg (northern part of Germany) in the so called “Ems/Weser Dreieck” there is one of the most famous diving lakes in Germany. With an very interesting history – it has been used as a chalk quarry around 60 years ago – this lake has a lot to discover with very often good visibility. The “Rüttler” entry gives you the possibility to dive through a “building” from -18 to -36 meters – for my one of the most exiting dives we ever made.


The Mediterranean Sea from its best, combined with a Camping vacation you can do very nice dives throughout the day and the night. Additionally very famous historical wrecks can be visited.



This is the flat area where the river Rhine (Germany’s longest river) passes the black forest and flows towards the city of Frankfurt. There are a lot of lakes which are either a natural or are a result of gravel removal. The Region is famous for ist mild climate and there are so much of these lakes that we have visited just a few of them. Attractions are the diverse underwater plants and with luck you can find Europe’s biggest fish there: the catfish.


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