Underwater production

Just a few ideas where I think they might be useful when doing the post production / cutting of your videos. They will make some thinks easier and will produce better results:

  • UW-Set briefing” – create your ideas before you go diving. Plan your scenes like you plan your dive. Inform the involved people and make a diving scene briefing after the dive briefing. So everybody knows what is going on and who should do what.
  • No Zooms – do rarely use zoom-in and zoom out. These kind of camera modifications are not following a natural appearance.
  • No camera swings –  do rarely use swings or swiffeling with your camera. If so, do it quite slow. Reason: see above
  • Stay focused – concentrate on your scene and your object. If there is no out of air situation of your buddy don’t get distracted by anything else. While filming your scene don’t try to find immediately something better. Very busy videos will be the result if doing so.
  • No automatic – if you have the possibility – try to set your configuration as manual as possible. Especially in wreck situations e.g. an auto-focus can destroy the whole scene because of a pumping camera (camera looks for the right focus).

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