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After Work Dive – Life on land is just a surface interval

This is not just a word – it is a philosophy: After work dive. Would you think it is worth creating a brevet for it? How could an education plan look like?
From Time Management via preparation techniques of your equipment until night diving skills – a comprehensive framework of skills are to be trained ūüėČ




Mecklenburg-Vorpommern: more lakes than you ever can dive

Scuba diving in Germany, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern: There are more lakes than you ever can dive and from discovering unknown wrecks to big catfishes Рeverything is possible.

More than 1000 lakes in this area and around 70 lakes around the “Feldberger Seenlandschaft” – we’ve visited just three of them but now we’re fans


Deepest man made lake in southwest of Germany – Matschelsee

It is both – famous and notorious. One of the deepest man made lake in the southwest of Germany. Very often it is offering very good visibility which makes it a well known diving site not only in this region. And especially technical divers like it: Matschelsee. Unfortunately this lake is highly frequented by scuba divers – und thus is is very useful that you have to sign in from the following web site to get a permission to do so: Tauchclub Offenburg.

In this first video we are just at the head:

Scuba Diving in the Lake Constance – Kressbronn, Gohren


The first Dive this year Рalso our first dive in the eastern part of Lake Constance which has a quite different character compared to the area next to Überlingen -> soft heaps instead of a drop off.

This was a quest for a not very well known wreck at a depth of approx. 35 meters… near the city of Kressbronn / Gohren.

At a depth of 5 meters we felt like inside of a¬†soft drink bottle -> a lot of bubbles comming out of the ground …