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Deepest man made lake in southwest of Germany – Matschelsee

It is both – famous and notorious. One of the deepest man made lake in the southwest of Germany. Very often it is offering very good visibility which makes it a well known diving site not only in this region. And especially technical divers like it: Matschelsee. Unfortunately this lake is highly frequented by scuba divers – und thus is is very useful that you have to sign in from the following web site to get a permission to do so: Tauchclub Offenburg.

In this first video we are just at the head:


Scuba Diving in Hirschau

This video will give you wrong impressions! Well, lets say it that way: a dive there was not as good as its appearing in the video. In the end it was quite muddy, visibility of just 1 meter and after more than one hour very “boring”.


Scuba Diving in the Lake Constance – Kressbronn, Gohren


The first Dive this year – also our first dive in the eastern part of Lake Constance which has a quite different character compared to the area next to Überlingen -> soft heaps instead of a drop off.

This was a quest for a not very well known wreck at a depth of approx. 35 meters… near the city of Kressbronn / Gohren.

At a depth of 5 meters we felt like inside of a soft drink bottle -> a lot of bubbles comming out of the ground …