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Deepest man made lake in southwest of Germany – Matschelsee

It is both – famous and notorious. One of the deepest man made lake in the southwest of Germany. Very often it is offering very good visibility which makes it a well known diving site not only in this region. And especially technical divers like it: Matschelsee. Unfortunately this lake is highly frequented by scuba divers – und thus is is very useful that you have to sign in from the following web site to get a permission to do so: Tauchclub Offenburg.

In this first video we are just at the head:


Scuba Diving in Hirschau

This video will give you wrong impressions! Well, lets say it that way: a dive there was not as good as its appearing in the video. In the end it was quite muddy, visibility of just 1 meter and after more than one hour very “boring”.


Scuba Diving in the Black Forest – it can be done

Scuba Diving in the Black Forest, Germany. In the video “Tauchen in der Nagoldtalsperre – … und es geht doch!!” we prove that it is possible to dive there.

This was our first thought when we submerged in the Nagoldtalsperre- “… it can be done!”. In 10 years of scuba diving we tried it multiple times but every time we wanted to do it never again. This was because of the bad visibility in this reservoir in the middle of the Black Forest. But this time it was different…