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After Work Dive – Life on land is just a surface interval

This is not just a word – it is a philosophy: After work dive. Would you think it is worth creating a brevet for it? How could an education plan look like?
From Time Management via preparation techniques of your equipment until night diving skills – a comprehensive framework of skills are to be trained šŸ˜‰





Scuba Diving in autumn

Less colorful but perhaps even more atmospheric – scuba diving in autumn! Air temperature of ~2 degrees Celsius and water temperatures of 13 degrees makes it smoking.

This is the second video and third chapter of our #fourdivingseasons.



Scuba Diving in the Echinger Weiher (Munich, Germany)

What can make a small lake with a maximum depth of 8 meters, a length of little over 200 Meters and a width of 100 meters so attractive for scuba divers?

Well, theĀ Echinger WeiherĀ is a (well known) and very beautiful placeĀ for scuba divers in the north of Munich, Germany. Furthermore you have to do a reservation and the water is always cold – even in hottest summer time rarely above 13Ā° Celcius – but it is worth it!


Mecklenburg-Vorpommern: more lakes than you ever can dive

Scuba diving in Germany, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern: There are moreĀ lakes than you ever can dive and from discovering unknown wrecks to big catfishes – everything is possible.

More than 1000 lakes in this area and around 70 lakes around the “Feldberger Seenlandschaft” – we’ve visited just three of them but now we’re fans