Erlichsee III – the plug of the lake – trailer

After we found the hole in the lake we are now looking for the deepest spot. – the quest for “the plug”.
There are amazing places at a depth of 26 metres. We experience thrill, relaxation and discover new areas – all at the same time.
For now we just explored 20% of this area.

Erlichsee II – das Loch im See

Expected: beautiful underwater flora and fauna in this freshwater lake – found: not only this but also a spring underwater and a drop off !! Depth figures for this lake have to be corrected! And so far we haven’t reached the bottom.

… everything during the test of a new underwater camera rig.

New (used) underwater camera rig (professional full frame camera + underwater housing + light system)

Sony NXCAM Underwater
Sony NXCAM underwater

New (used) underwater camera rig (professional full Frame camera + underwater housing + light system).

Facts: full HD cam (4K upgrade possible), 10-18 mm lens with dome port, housing is waterproof up to 200 meters, light System with 2 x 4500 lumen.

3 months of build time means: Housing configured, light systems installed, 3 x buoyancy tests, 1 x deep test (without cam) to 40 meters, 2 x pre-production test in the pool, open water test: pending.

Underwater NXCAM Housing
Underwater NXCAM Housing
Underwater professional camera
Underwater professional camera, 10-18 mm lens with domeport and 2 x 4500 lumen light
New full frame professional camera
New full frame professional camera. HandyCam vs. professional Cam

Aditech 5

Our “Croatia trilogy” is available now

Baron GautschWant to see what scuba divers can discover in the Adriatic see / Coratia?

In three short videos we have condensed what you can discover…

With the last video we already won a video competition – Thanks to all who helped!

Photo: Dino Mari

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