Scuba Diving in the Black Forest – it can be done

Scuba Diving in the Black Forest, Germany. In the video “Tauchen in der Nagoldtalsperre – … und es geht doch!!” we prove that it is possible to dive there.

This was our first thought when we submerged in the Nagoldtalsperre- “… it can be done!”. In 10 years of scuba diving we tried it multiple times but every time we wanted to do it never again. This was because of the bad visibility in this reservoir in the middle of the Black Forest. But this time it was different…



Clear Water and Tiramisu-Wall – Scuba diving in the lake “Mittelgrund”, Eggenstein-Leopoldshafen

In early spring with a good visibility in the lake “Mittelgrund”. Although the plants and animals still “hidden” there are interesting things to see: e.g. a wall which colorful layers looks like a Tiramisu.

To get to this spot is quite easy to remember: 20 minutes @ bearing 120º @ depth 20 meters

Scuba Diving in the Lake Constance – Kressbronn, Gohren


The first Dive this year – also our first dive in the eastern part of Lake Constance which has a quite different character compared to the area next to Überlingen -> soft heaps instead of a drop off.

This was a quest for a not very well known wreck at a depth of approx. 35 meters… near the city of Kressbronn / Gohren.

At a depth of 5 meters we felt like inside of a soft drink bottle -> a lot of bubbles comming out of the ground …

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