Light is extremely important when using a camera under water. This is because of the characteristics of water – the deeper you go the less light you will have. And because of the characteristics you will lose different colors in different depths. Beginning with red which you will lose up to 10 meters till a depth of > 40 meters where blue disappears. This means that a torch is essential and Needs to have to color of daylight. Only by doing so you will get the colorful impression of the maritime life.

When choosing a torch (or a head for your torch) you should also consider that the light distribution angel is quite big and not a small “beam” of 6-10 º.  A soft edge of you light helps when producing natural looking scenes. As you can see in our older videos we’ve been using the wrong light for some time.

Another tip is the usage of colored filters. This is because of the fact that freshwater appears greenish and saltwater appears blueish.  To compensate that some are recommending a magenta filter for the first situation and a red filter for salt water. We’ve not been working with such tools so far as we try to do that either in post production or by changing camera Settings if necessary. But we will let you know once we’ve some experience.


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