Lake Constance


Scuba Diving in the Lake Constance

Lake ConstanceLake Constance is our “house reef”. Compared to other lakes it has a very special character. Relatively good visibility, deep, dark, cold – all these attributes apply. You’ll wind drop offs – especially in the area around Überlingen / Wallhausen.



Scuba Diving in the Lake Constance – The Lädine from Bodman-Ludwigshafen

Details about this diving siteBodensee, wreck of the Lädine

Comments: Very famous and interesting  diving site at the historical wreck of the Lädine. This is also a place for beginners however the entry is exhausting – 120 meter through mud and a water depth of ~ 1 meter has to be mastered. The visibility can be recommended – in the winter season. In return you can see a historical wreck at a depth of ~ 20 meters.


Scuba Diving in the Lake Constance – Kressbronn Gohren:

Details about this diving siteBodensee, Kressbronn / Gohren

Comments: We’ve tried this site in the eastern part of Lake Constance because we wanted to find a not very well known wreck. Well, what we found is not the wreck but a strange bubbling ground at a depth of 5 meters. below that depth the topology is quite uninteresting – at least in the winter.


Scuba Diving in the Lake ConstanceThe wreck of the JURA:

Details about this diving siteLake Constance, wreck of the Jura

Comments: A historical dive to one of the most famous very well maintained wrecks in Germany which is because of the descent in open water to a depth of 36 meters following a shot line a place for experienced divers. This wreck can only be reached by boat.


Scuba Diving in the Lake Constance – Wallhausen, Klinker:

Details about this diving siteBodensee, Wallhausen, Klinker

Comments :  This is definitely not a place for beginners! If you want to dive there we strongly recommend to find an experienced diver who knows about this place. Not because of current etc. but because of a vertical drop off to 60-70 meters. This place is next to the very famous diving site “Teufelstisch”. And the so called “Klinker” is an arch which can be dived through at a depth of 50-60 meters. When passing this arch and looking down you can not see the ground even though the visibility is always good here.


Scuba Diving in the Lake Constance, Überlingen, Parkhaus Post:

Details about this diving site:   Lake Constance, Parkhaus Post

Comments:  In the shallow areas (dump) this place is suitable for beginners but pay attention:  especially at this place you will find all the attributes of the Lake Constance when passing the drop off edge at a depth of 20 meters:  deep, dark, cold. If you are experienced and descending at this drop off you will find yourself in 40 meters under an overhanging wall which quite beautiful and red.


Scuba Diving in the Lake Constance – Überlingen, Seezeichen 24:

Details about this diving siteLake Constance, Seezeichen 24

Comments:  A diving site which is typical for the Lake Constance near Überlingen: vertical drop off, deep (36 metersand more), dark, cold, but with a good visibility. If you like such sites and do have the necesarry equipment you will have a lot of fun there. This is not a place for beginners. If you are diving west course the drop off soothly changes to a dump topology.


Scuba Diving in the Bodensee Seezeichen 21, Klausenhorn:

Details about this diving siteSeezeichen 21, Klausenhorn

Comments:  We love this place as you will find every topology which the Lake Constance has to offer and this within one dive. From overhanging drop offs which will not end at 40 meters depths (west), terasse (east), nice 10 meters area which is beautifully covered with underwater plants. Attention: you might experience a current at this place. So pay attention – we heared but luckily never experienced that this can be vertical as well. The visibility is a Little depending on the weather the days before your dive as the is a small river flowing into the Lake Constance. A lot of fish and the very good infrastructure makes this place also attractive.


Scuba Diving in the Bodensee Meersburg, Wilder Mann:


Details about this diving site: This is a rich diving

Comments:  For us one of the most beautiful diving sites at the Lake Constance, but diving is allowed in the winter season only. Next to this site there is a port and that is the reason why. As a result this is a place for experienced divers with adequate equipment. In return you can visit a very nice drop of – just 20 meters deep – but very nice shape – varieties of canyons which attracts scuba divers to go deeper. There are sunken, very old cars and a foundation of a fountain. I heared (and have seen on youtube) that there is also a nice wreck at 50+ meters but you have to be a technical diver to go there.

Please follow the regulations of the parking places.





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