Our History

How everything started

DSC_0239bis.nefIn the beginning it was just a the simple idea to start scuba diving. But we kept excited to become experienced divers and so we signed in for our first course in March 2007. This was at the diving School in Sindelfingen, a city next to ours. We intentionally did this course not during our  vacations because we wanted to enjoy diving then and not performing the exercises and second we had a really experiences trainer here.  In Addition we’ve been told that once you know how to dive in local, cold waters you will be able to dive almost everywhere. Within one week we got our PADI “Open Water Diver” certification which consisted of

  • three days a 2-3 h of theory
  • 2 days in the swimming pool with different exercises
  • 2 days fresh water dives in a local lake

Despite the fact that it was really cold in local lakes (4-6 ºC) and we still had snow … and no dry suite at that time (!) we really “burned” to go diving – this has been am incising experience which we will never forget. At a depth of 9 meters in an icy environment – believe it or not, this is awesome. Our trainer(s) of the scuba diving school Sindelfingen tried hard to make us really good divers – many thanks to Micha and his Team! The next steps Well, now it started to make fun and we felt like it to get even more. So we did additional training and courses and at the end we had the following brevets:

  • Open Water Diver
  • Dry Suite Diver
  • Nitrox / Enriched Air 2
  • Advanced Open Water Diver
  • Deep Diver
  • Recrerational side-mount diver

Martin & Claudia HessWe worked hard to extend/enhance our ability and possibilities. Currently Martin is working on the next step which is the CMAS*** diver. Anyhow, in 2009 I made an offer of marriage to Claudia in the Lake Constance near Überlingen at a depth of 36 meters. This was a quite moving situation. For this purpose I placed a treasure box in the absolute darkness of Lake Constance. Before that I prepared the rings which I attached to a heart made of plastic – so that I should go up when the box is opened. Believe me I had doubts – if I should use the real rings for that purpose.

… and now the fun begins

After we gained the necessary experience and certifications for scuba diving we did one or another vacation – also scuba diving safaris. For sure we have been to the Red Sea in Egypt and we did an eko diving vacation. This was an unforgettable experience as well. Another highlight was our diving safari at the Maldives during the raining season, when there is usually a bad visibility but a lots of manta stingrays. Baron GautschBut also local lakes, quarries and the seas of the northern hemisphere are quite attractive to us. We have become fans of Saxonia. What you should know: diving in cold waters can only be enjoyed with he right equipment e.g. a dry suite. Spending our vacation in Norway or Hemmoor (ohne of the most famous diving lakes in Germany) hast become usual to us.

Additional Education

When you have passed all the certifications as a beginner of scuba diving and gaining more and more experience then  you might wish to  further extend your capabilities. Your skills will improve while you are gaining experience (= more dives)  but for the one or the  other topic I recommend to do a special training before practicing. There are few organizations where you can enter an certification roadmap like CMAS, PADI, SSI, VDST etc. Personally I categorized the multiple organizations or their specialty courses into “necessary”, “useful” and “nice to have”. … and finally the most important thing is “diving” and “practice”.

The thing with the videos

Before we started diving I was also interested in shooting photos. As an amateur but I experimented a lot with my DSLR and compositions of my pictures. After we’ve been diving for three years the birth of our first daughter gave me the reason to buy a Video camera and because there was a Special offer I took one with an underwater housing. Now I extended my experiments to videos and video production especially in underwater situations. One big difference is the new dimension of “time”. In videos you have better possibilities to tell a story. Because of this and because of the lower financial obstacles of underwater video production compared to shooting photos I was more interested in that discipline. By using different social media platforms I distributed my videos about my underwater experiences and often got positive feedback. Reason enough for me to try to get better and better in this area. After a while I signed in for an 12 months remote study course about video production. This course was not specialized for underwater but is was quite easy to transform it into underwater context.


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