The Mediterranean Sea from its best, combined with camping you can discover a lot and have really impressive dives. A lot of wrecks from the 1st and 2nd world war, very interesting underwater topology and a flourishing fauna and flora …


Baron Gautsch – Titanic of the Adriatic Sea:

Details:  Baron Gautsch – Titanic of the Adriatic Sea

Comments:  Exactly one century ago this luxury steam liner sunk as a result of an mistake in navigation and hit a underwater mine. Almost 150 women and men lost their life. Today it is one of the most beautiful wrecks in this area and people call it “Titanic of the Adriatic Sea”.


Croatian diving days:

Details:  Sveta Marina, Croatia

Comments:  In our second video about our underwater adventures in Croatia we are Show what you can see during a normal diving day in the Adriatic Sea. awesome underwater topology, flora and fauna,  and mysterious wrecks are making each dive everything other than boring.


Croatian diving nights:

Details:  Sveta Marina, Croatia

Comments: Unbelievable! What you can see while diving at night in the waters around Istria. In the third video of our “Croatian Trilogy” we are focusing to the life which will become visible at night, only. Highlights are a hunting octopus and a big Conger which catches and eats a fish! Also nice and strange to see: salpes, …


Scuba Diving in Croatia, SV Marina:

Details:  SV Marina, Croatia

Comments: Nice Camping place, good infrastructure in the south of Istria. A lot of very different diving places with wrecks, three drop offs and nice canyons as well as seagrass.

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